Have you ever tried something that would allow you to connect with other people? What if all it takes is a pin? Whether it’s within your state or from different parts of the world, you do not have to log in to your favorite social networking site to meet other people.

Trading pins may sound like a simple hobby or collection to some but if you’re not a pin collector yet, you’ll be surprised with what you can explore with these simple pins. It’s a good alternative for social media sites if you want to meet new people. Even in just a small town, you may find some place to trade pins with other people and here is where you interact.

disney pin assortmentBasically, you can start with just one pin. Buy or order at least one from your favorite seller and start from there. If you have enough money, buy as many as you want. The more pins you have, the more chance of trading and meeting new people.

You may need to have a huge selection of designs because it’s better to collect a lot of trading pins, even some that you may find not interesting. Having a lot of designs to choose from is one way to show that you’re not a choosy person and you like to interact with others as well.

You’ll see trading pins booth present in most events, even international ones as it’s like a tradition for some. International events don’t happen as often as and not all countries in the world were given the chance to host such events. A good example would be the 2012 London Olympics where people across the world gather to support and represent their country. Watching games is what they came for but you’ll also see people looking for pins to buy or trade. You’ll notice that they’re wearing their country’s pin to now their nationality. You can talk to them and look at their pins and you’ll see different designs from their collection. This is one opportunity where you can learn the different culture of different nationalities as their collection shows their interests.

pinIn some local events, you may find yourself walking around and see a pin you like from a collector’s booth. Unfortunately, most trading pins are not for sale, but you need not to worry because most pin collectors will let you to have it if you can trade a pin for it. If you don’t have one, you can just look for a store or a booth where you can buy one then trade it. This shows how valuable these pins are and that there are some things that money can’t buy. Most collectors are very passionate and would only let go of their pin in exchange of another pin.

These pins could also have a sentimental value for some collectors as well. The reason behind this is because some pins came from important people in their lives. Sometimes, these pins are better than clothes and caps as a remembrance because it does not occupy a lot of space. You can just place them in a box, and it will not wear. Once you look at it, it will bring back memories when you had fun collecting them, memories of meeting other people and exchanging pins with them.

These little pins can mean bring a lot to people. It can be a symbol of a person’s nationality. It can give a statement of people’s culture and tradition, it will bring you to other people, and most of all, you can feel and touch a pin unlike other social media sites.